Membership:  FPAD is open to all little person, parents of little persons and all persons who support the mission and goals of the organization as long as certain requirements are fulfilled. FPAD members comprised of the following categories:

Full members:

Every short statured person affected with Dwarfism i.e. a person who is below 4’10” inc in height is a full member.

Associate members: 

This type of membership includes individuals, local organizations such as grass root organizations, academicians, research institutions and universities promoting issues related to disability.

Honorary Member: 

This type of membership includes individuals and research organizations. The election of honorary members is based on demonstrable commitment to improve the Wellbeing of the short stature members in Uganda.

Founder Membership:

The fonder members are the members who have appended their hands hereunto having resolved and committed time and resources to found the organization and are the subscribers to this constitution.